Oxygen sensor


The oxygen sensor (O2 sensor) measures the amount of oxygen in the exhaust and sends the signal to the engine computer. The front oxygen sensor is installed in the exhaust manifold or the front exhaust pipe in front of the catalytic converter. As you know, the catalytic converter is an important part of the vehicle emission control system. A rear ...

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Making drive insurance to get yourself on a safe zone


These days insurance companies insure what you have and value. They’re just ready to provide ultimate care for their clients. We usually do insurance for ourselves and vehicles. But what would you do if you cancelled insurance because of a driver’s fault? For this reason, driving insurance is the best. There are lots of people who have lots of money. ...

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Five Things To Expect From an Electric Car Charging Station


You’ve heard the “buzz,” but what can you really expect from an electric car charging station? Are you are seriously considering making the switch to an electric vehicle, but aren’t sure what to expect? How much time and money will it cost? Are there any other pieces of information that you need before you make the jump to an EV? ...

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Preventative Car Maintenance and Fuel Filter Replacement Tips


As with health care, preventative car maintenance is the best thing you can do for those dependable vehicles that get you where you want to go every day. With preventative car maintenance you might invest a little here and there, but in the end, you will always save yourself time, money and the aggravation that comes with ‘break-down’ surprises. Listed ...

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Driving techniques to save you fuel


The way you drive significantly impacts the amount of fuel that your car uses. Changing your driving habits to drive in a more fuel efficient manner, therefore, will not only save you money at the pumps but help you reduce greenhouse gases and other harmful pollutants. Research shows that adopting fuel efficient driving techniques can make your vehicle 30 per ...

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Are Electric Car Sales High for Every Car Dealer


As more and more Americans are choosing to go green than ever before, it seemed there was equal enthusiasm surrounding all-electric vehicles. Impressively, fully electric car sales spiked by 58% in 2014. Despite this bump in overall sales, the all-electric segment is still incredibly small. Even more, while EV sales saw a surge, green vehicles (diesel and hybrids) as a ...

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Tips on saving fuel whilst driving


With growing concerns about the environmental impact of cars, coupled with the rising cost of petrol, fuel-efficient driving makes a lot of sense in the 21st century. You can do your part to combat the effects of climate change as well as make big savings when re-fuelling your car by changing your driving habits or upgrading to a more efficient ...

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How Used Cars Can Be Greener Than Hybrids


Used Vehicles and the Environment There is perhaps no greater symbol for man’s relationship with the environment than that of the oilrig. The fact is, Americans are addicted to oil, along with the rest of the world. We use it for heating, energy, transportation, plastic, and a host of other necessities that make up nearly every part of modern life. ...

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