Motors Insurance Corporation how to deal with traffic accident claims


After the accident, collect information Second days after the accident, keep a good record. The information collected includes the time and place, as well as the names of other drivers, the license number, the insurance company and the contact information. When Apple programmer Kit Cutler 2012 Ford Fox (Focus Focus) from a silver Lexus (Lexus) thump in fall, hit too ...

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How to find a good car mechanic


Paul is an invaluable resource to help heal the old car, which most dealers and shops will not touch. Perhaps his biggest job for me is the XJS Jaguar installed the Corvette LT 1 drive system, and I’m pretty sure he’s not doing it anymore. I asked Paul to explain what it’s like to be a car mechanic lately. Part ...

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Oxygen sensor


The oxygen sensor (O2 sensor) measures the amount of oxygen in the exhaust and sends the signal to the engine computer. The front oxygen sensor is installed in the exhaust manifold or the front exhaust pipe in front of the catalytic converter. As you know, the catalytic converter is an important part of the vehicle emission control system. A rear ...

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Why is the cost of car repairs so high?


A survey of the average car repair cost in 2016, conducted by CarMD, a repair data provider called “2017 vehicle health index”, found that the cost of last year and 2015 increased by nearly 3%. The average maintenance cost is $398. This is for minor repairs, not collision damage. The index, released in April 2017, has been repaired 5 million ...

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When Should You Change Your Car’s Mag Wheels?


In this day and age we find many types of cars with different styles of mags on them. Mag wheels can be quite costly and can’t just be changed whenever the owner or driver of the car feels like it. So when should you change your car’s mag wheels? There are sporty cars that are designed for young men who ...

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4 Tips to Buying Car Parts and Car Accessories Online


Here are 4 tips to help you find the best place to buy car parts online. 1. Know what you want. You need to know what car part you need and how much it is going to cost you, so call your local dealer and tell them what you need. It’s critical to get a price for your part in ...

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Alarm System: How to purchase the most apt one?


With the wave of recession that has taken its toll on the whole world, security concerns have cropped up quite swiftly in the last few years. Installing an alarm system at your house is an ideal solution to these security issues. However, in order that these systems fulfill their purpose effectively, it’s vital that you buy the most appropriate type ...

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Frequently Ask Questions About Clutch Replacement


FAQs For Clutch Replacement One of the foremost benefits of owning a car that has a manual transmission is that these autos have a much better record of having a long transmission life. No system, however, is absolutely perfect. As one portion of the car that involves a lot of action, friction and heat, the clutch will incur a lot ...

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Why Use High Torque Band Clamps


When you have a new exhaust system, you expect the best out of it in terms of performance, and functionality. This effect is contributed to by the way your exhaust pipes are interconnected such that there are minimum leakages. Band clamps are ideal for these functions for the following reasons. Fast and easy Holding your exhaust system using band clamps ...

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Great Facts about Magnaflow Mufflers


What are mufflers? Mufflers are designed to reduce the sounds produced by the emission of gases from the engine. These gases are emitted at high pressure, and if not muffled, they give a loud, annoying sound. A muffler should be effective in such a way that in its silencing function, it does not affect the performance of the vehicle. So, ...

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