Factors Influencing Auto Loan Interest Rates

Day in and day out, one new model of car is rolling out and the desire for owning a vehicle has become irresistible for people. But the finance stands in the way as a hurdle.

Finance companies assist people who are desirous of owning a car and offer auto loans at affordable rates. As there are many companies that offer auto loans, it become imperative to do a thorough research to find the loan that is best suited to the individual.

The interest rates for auto loans differ from one company to another and if the right loan is not chosen, people may end up with paying high interest rates. Auto loans are of two types, namely, secured auto loan and unsecured auto loan. Generally, the interest rate for the unsecured auto loan is higher. But before applying for an auto loan, it is vital to know the current auto loan interest rates which determine the actual payment.

Basically, there are four different kinds of auto loan interest rates, namely, for 36 months, 48 months,60 months and 72 months and the interest rates between them fluctuate between 6.5 percent and 14 percent or even higher. Though the location of buying the car also has an influence on the interest rate, normally, the lower the number of months for the auto loan, the lower the interest rates.

A used car loan carries a slightly higher interest rate than for a new car. The auto loaninterest rates can be either fixed or flexible. Fixed rate of interest is suitable for those who want to play it safe and flexible rates of interest is the type of auto loan interest that changes based on the changes in the market. Thus, it would be suitable for those who are bold enough to undertake risk.

Financial companies that offer auto loans fix the interest rate taking into account factors like the total amount of finance, the credit score and the financial status of the borrower. Refinancing auto loan is also a way of lowering the interest rates on auto loans. The amount thus saved can be utilized to buy the accessories for the automobile.

Normally, a down payment of 25 percent of the cost of the car has to be paid for every autoloan. If the amount of down payment is increased, it reduces the interest rate on auto loan. The interest rate also depends upon the cost of the car. An expensive car will carry higher interest rates.

Since there are many options available, it is better to make a thorough research of the lender and the interest rate before applying for an auto loan and the best place would be nothing but online which is a good source of information and it saves a lot of time and money and offers a wide variety of comparisons.

Author: Adam Boulton