How to buy a car that has been used for 10 years

There’s a lot of discussion and speculation about the future of driving in blogs. You may have read articles about auto driving, connection vehicles, ride sharing, electrification, and artificial intelligence. In addition, cars can now be purchased in dealerships, online, in both combinations, and even vending machines.

Just recently, we’ve seen a new project from a company called Fair, which they call “flexible ownership models.””. Consumers click on a mobile app, link their bank accounts and driver’s licenses, get approved loans within a few minutes, get financing, choose monthly payments, and pick up their cars shortly, without having to go into dealerships. Monthly payments include lease, warranty, maintenance, roadside assistance and insurance. Consumers can notify the vehicle within five days of any required time. There are no fixed terms.

San Francisco AAA now has GIG car sharing, unlike other car sharing programs, because it’s one-way. The driver can pick up any place in the designated service area. AAA says the U.S. car sharing market is $1 billion 200 million, and it’s growing. This is effective if you drive occasionally or need a different car on a special occasion. Registration is an instant download application, without registration or annual fee


Some observers predict the decline of the local dealer model, but this is unlikely. Yes, today’s consumers have more information, but they still want to have a test drive before driving for $thirty thousand to buy a car, so that bricks and mortar will exist here for a long time.

As for the automatic car, according to AutoNation CEO Mike Jackson (Mike Jackson) said, “I think the autonomous vehicles will enter the shared market.”. Today’s market is 70% of the personal use and 30% of the share market, including rental cars, taxis, buses and so on. Autonomy will share 30% of the destructiveness in 5-10 years. A real automatic car costs about 200 thousand dollars. The only way you can prove the cost of each car is to eliminate a professional driver. The personal dilemma of using the market is to get something affordable. You have the only way to have such 1.5 autonomous vehicles (monitored by the driver). ”
Current dealer purchase experience

Ten years later, the dealer’s experience will have to change. Today, average sales transactions at a dealership take three to four hours! However, most consumers limit their patience to about 90 minutes, according to a company called The Academy, which is the training center for retail professionals.

Today, ten year old children have no patience, because they are used to instant gratification – and eventually they get used to instant one click shopping. When they enter a dealer showroom, they don’t want to wait 20 minutes for a salesman who is ending up with another customer. Of course, you’re still impatient today when you’re ten years old.