How to find a good car mechanic

Paul is an invaluable resource to help heal the old car, which most dealers and shops will not touch. Perhaps his biggest job for me is the XJS Jaguar installed the Corvette LT 1 drive system, and I’m pretty sure he’s not doing it anymore.

I asked Paul to explain what it’s like to be a car mechanic lately. Part of my hobby is because I’ve heard about a nationwide shortage of cars, and I wonder how this will affect consumers and car dealerships.
Supply and demand of excellent auto mechanics

In order to make things clear, automotive mechanics there are some major problems. The National Association of Automotive Dealers (NADA) estimates that there are over 266,000 automotive technicians in the country, but a recent Carlyle survey found that in the 2016 quarter they left their jobs there, and their work, and a Quarterly they left the industry altogether.

Some analysts expect that there will be as many as 25,000 mechanical shortages in the next five years. This is a big business: in 2016, consumers spent $ 18.9 billion on labor costs in a service department. In addition, dealers offered manufacturers $ 9.6 billion in warranty work.
A good car mechanic qualification

A good car, mechanicpaul, holds a Wyoming Wyoming (aka “wyotech”), an ASE certified automotive technician and advanced expert. His extensive training covers fields such as smoke and brake inspector licenses, advanced emission diagnostics, electric power steering systems, air bag systems, advanced engine diagnostics, diagnostic tools for scanners, lab range, mapping meters, current probes, etc. The field of after-sale certification, today, we drive the computer, it seems.

He is qualified as a senior technician – the highest level. He usually supervises other mechanics and handles the most difficult and complex jobs. I asked him the problems he faced in different stores.
Challenge to the work pool

There are a few problems right away It costs $ 30,000 to attend a trading school like wyotech. When you graduate, you have to buy your own tools, and perhaps $ 30,000 in investment. Often, you start at the bottom of the ladder until you gain more experience and certification, for about $ 30,000 a year (this figure will continue to increase). Ideally, a mechanic will find a shop that maintains diagnostic skills and even provide health insurance to him and his family (or “her” family).

Once you start working at a dealer you will be called “flat rate payroll or work.” Flat rate means that both the manufacturer or the aftermarket workshop manual such as Chiltons will decide how many hours it should perform a specific repair job. Modern cars are so complicated that everything is packed into a small space that is inaccessible to average people.

For example, this week I will replace my Saab time cover, which is a job you will never do in your car. This book says you need a technician nine hours! The mechanic will get nine hours’ salary, so if he does his job in less than nine hours, he will come forward early but if he takes more than nine hours he will work for free for that additional time. To put it in a nutshell, distributors used to be able to share the cost with mechanics, but technicians today may account for 20% of the total amount.

At the same time, the dealer is charging the rate of consumption from the lab to AT € 125 an hour unless it is a Mercedes or a BMW dealer because of its more cases. Add to this fact that it is a physical need of work that your body naturally contorting to a different location, burning yourself on the concrete floor, hot parts in your hands, cutting sharp pieces, getting dirty, and If you work in a non air-conditioned shop, it is usually bad. You have to be strong and a good mechanic in a good physical shape … Do not be morbid.

Apart from that, the writer who puts your order on the road to service is not always seeing your benefits. The first possible problem is to solve the push to the peak, through the diagnostic process. In a shop, there is usually one service for every 3D mechanic writer. “Service writers have written about consumption and estimated work to explain. A service is sometimes a writer who wants to skip a diagnosis. 7 Guess what my problem is The diagnosis, or incorrect estimates, or other mats “need to be done.” ”
Doctor is

Consumers think Advent of OBD is easy to diagnose, but the problem with diagnosing equipment is that it is more than just a tool that tells you what is wrong. This requires skilled and experienced technicians like Paul. Some stores subscribe to data based on “suggest” based on “the history of the problem, especially for cosmetics and model services writers, sometimes thinking it just takes one shot.” This can be argued that the real problem is incorrect fixing that leads to “comeback “But the biggest problem is the high cost, the consumer’s next” outdated and why it took me so long to fix the car? ”

Good car mechanic

Mechanical properties are always pushed to work and get more work outside the door. This is a stressful enough, but if you have a flat rate of pressure, it’s possible your 40-hour work week. Not because you are a normal salary, it is a news device and bathroom, and you are looking for another average store that will keep you busy. If this is another trend with enough baths, the so-called “guarantee lab rate is reduced,” which means manufacturers cut flat rates for a time or do not pay for stores with a specific warranty issue. Not surprisingly, there are many examples and experiential models that are specifically associated with abnormally high frequency of repair problems in which manufacturers want to ignore or reject. Just make a search on “Action Classes fit in outdated (what your car makes you want to know)” I said.
Segmentation method

Investigating and charging the accessories is another issue. Paul F A shared window regulator is Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes wants a few hundred dollars. Before using an online store to find a component from a trusted and reputable generic messaging source for less than a hundred dollars, and a store’s customer for $ 600. A CAN-tag accessory store is mostly for them to think that there is really no way if consumers tell them the price paid is fair or not.

Sometimes shops will tell your customers that when they need to get new or changed facts, those things in the fluid layer are another 5,000 miles from CAN WAIT. Want to find some stores routinely outdated or useless charging and maintenance items.
Positioning is a good car mechanic

You find a good mechanic car mechanic and a car you can trust it? I want to know all of its boils machinery who are working in your car I can talk to him. You want to see him in the eye, ask what exactly needs to be done, why and how much it costs and cycles, I promise it is repaired. If you can not do this then you may want to go to another store. Ask friends and family for their advice. If you ask people who are collecting themselves in the A car, the Mackay club and they want to be good mechanic, so it is a good place for the parts.

When their car consumers pick up the biggest complaints, their job is usually more costly than they think it is. This is where crosscheck is.

We stand at the point of sale, then Bill. In some cases, they simply will not have enough money to check in their account or check the credit card on the open cover, especially if it is more than a thousand dollars.

Do not worry – crosscheck offers consumer-friendly check items that allow customers to turn in their car and “over the taillights.” Even better, without a consumer applying for credit or paying any interest, then are they stuck in a debt trap Some kind of other products are there in the year. . . . . . . They just write to check the date four and tell them what they are today, “good car mechanics” when they deposit in the next 30 days