Tips to Buy Used Engines

If you require a new engine, for your car then you have three options – buy a used engine, refurbish your current engine or buy a new engine. Buying a used engine is most cost effective method rather purchasing a new one. Here are some good steps which will help you tobuy used engines:

1) First decide what engine you require. Different brands require different engine, so you need determine the model and year of your car. You can consult to your owner’s manual to find the specifications of your car. You can also contact your car dealer with your vehicle identifications number and they can tell you what engine you have.

2) Notice the mileage of your current engine. Always look for a used engine that has fewer miles than the one you are swapping.

3) If you are unable to find reputed and good engine dealer for your used engine needs then go for online shopping. There are thousands of online vendors dealing in used engines. These companies buy used engines, dismantle them and sell the parts. They have adequate staff that remanufactures used auto parts for the purpose of reselling. They can send you the engine through ship in case you are in some other country. The engines come with warranty and they are ready to install.

4) Search local salvage yards for the engine that you require. May be you get a reputed dealer and find the engine that you are searching. Be attentive that you will most likely have to remove and prep it for install it yourself.

Now here comes some tips and warranty:

  • You should always try to upgrade the warranty while purchasing used engine. Usually, vendors offer 6 month warranty on used engines, but it is advisable you should try to upgrade warranty period for 1 to 2 year if you can.
  • Finding a local vendor can be time consuming and probably you may not find what you exactly require. It is wise to use online used engines vendors who can run a search for the engine and you can exactly find that you need.
  • Before purchasing a used engine from local dealer, make sure to VIN check on that car to find out the history. It will help you to avoid purchasing a used engine that has been flood damaged or rebuilt.
  • Ignore purchasing used engine from individual seller, because you are not familiar with the history of engine nor you will have any recourse if it doesn’t work.

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Author: Avinash Smith