Truck Driver Training Can Lead To Multiple Licence Options

Depending upon your needs , truck driver lessons might result in a few distinct truck licenses . For someone choosing to secure a truck license of any type , you’ll need to have possessed a provisional “C” class license for a minimum of 12 months . An extra condition is that you successfully pass a heavy vehicle written assessment set by Transport and Main Roads . At this point , dependant on your expertise and other credentials , you have the ability to go for a variety of distinct license classes .

1. Getting the Light Rigid Licence

The initial level of licenses for a truck is called the Light Rigid or LR Licence. An LR License will allow the holder to take command of a small bus with up to 12 or less people and up to 8t GVM. You can obtain lessons from about $100 per hour and the practical evaluation that you need to take can be completed in less than half an hour .

2. Receiving the Medium Rigid License

The Medium Rigid (MR) licence is the next step up in class. The pre-requisites are the same as the foregoing. As soon as you get your medium rigid licence you’ll be able to drive commercial vehicles with a prime mover above 8t with 2 axels or less. On top of that you’ll be able to have a trailer not weigh more than 9t GVM. Lessons can be gotten from $110 per hour and you can expect to put in a few more hours than for the LR Licence. The practical assessment can require to 1 hour .

3. All About The Heavy Rigid Licence

The driver’s third choice is to get the Heavy Rigid Licence. Holders of this license maintain the ability to drive a truck, a prime mover or a bus which weighs more than 8t GVM and with more than 2 axels including or not including a trailer of less than 9t GVM. Lessons for the day are at $950, while hourly lessons are at $120 .

4. Attaining the Heavy Combination Licence

The last license accessible for drivers is the Heavy Combination Licence. To acquire the HC license, it is vital to have held a HR Licence or MR License for more than a year on a continuous basis. With this license, drivers will maintain the ability to drive a prime mover that weighs over 15t GVM with at minimum of 3 axels and a trailer with 2 axels. Lessons are $120 per hour and $950 for a day. Without prior experience controlling a Heavy Rigid Vehicle, drivers may need more truck driver education than the standard day .

By Irfanuddin